Brainstorming “ICT and Creativity” Themes

Presentations and Discussions – Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona


One of the presentations (delivered by Katya) was used to open a discussion about using ICT tools for enhancing creativity and collaboration through the global (online) project for secondary schools, called “FlatClassroom”. Katya also delivered this presentation during the MirandaNet (BETT ICT) Workshop in London (2nd February 2013). Download Presentation by Dr Katya Toneva

Recent Reflection (June, 2013)

It is about… ICT skills

In short, the goal of the project is to provide teachers with ICT skills to be able to use these skills in their teaching practices. Since ICT it is just a channel, HandsOn added the creativity techniques so that we had a subject matter to teach while learning and practicing ICT.

As a result, HANDSON it is not about teaching creatively or introducing creativity in the classroom. This may be a valuable by-product of the HANDSON project but it is not its focus. As an example, the HANDSON platform might have a learning activity based on brainstorming as a creativity technique. The teachers will learn what a brainstorming is, how it is done and will be able to practice it online through an ICT tool.

In a following post, we will explain how the project is going to achieve this and how pilots will run.

If you would participate and join HandsOn ICT project’s community contact us!”

Muriel Garreta Domingo

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